Attachment Parenting – In My Opinion

My opinion on attachment parenting comes down to one word, “choice”.  If you choose to use attachment parenting that’s okay but if you don’t you should not be judged negatively because of it.  As long as your child is raised in a loving, caring and nurturing household they will be fine.   I have two grown children, a son and a daughter.  I breastfed my son for six weeks but did not breastfeed my daughter because I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy as well as lactose intolerant.  But in both cases I did bottle feed and by doing so it gave my husband an opportunity to bond with “his” children as well.  Why does the rise and fall of parenting rest on the shoulders of mothers alone?

Children are created by two parents and therefore should be parented by two parents.  I was a working mother but my children always had a parent at home and they were not key-latch children once they went to school.  My husband optioned to go to the third shift at his job so he could be home with the children during the day.  He would also cook dinner and helped the children with their homework.  We were always able to sit down and have dinner together and discuss our days.  So, attachment parenting is a choice but it also requires “parents”, a mother and father.  What is your opinion?


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