Ladies, Let’s Vote the Issues Not the Party

Congress will soon be going on a break in August and the House of Representatives are deciding which bills they will pass before they leave.  One of the bills up for reauthorization is the “Violence Against Women Act”, the landmark 1994 law that strengthened the nation’s efforts against domestic violence, sexual assaults and stalking.  In May, fifteen Republican Senators joined with Democratic Senators to approve a strong reauthorization bill.  Instead of supporting their Senators hard work the House Republicans pushed to pass their own watered down version, ignoring President Obama’s veto threat.  Unless change happens, the Republicans will be responsible for blocking the renewal of a popular lifesaving bill.

Ladies, I think it is time we vote for the issues that affect women and not a person or a party.  Whether you are Democrat or Republican, we have to show these politicians that if they want our vote they need to take women’s issues very seriously.  The negotiations on the final bill are in limbo and it is time to speak out.  I say if these candidates and politicians want my vote, this is surely not the way to do it.  As we go into the fall campaign season with elections just around the corner, does it seem like these politicians value our vote?  Do they want our vote or does it seem like we are a low priority on their list of agendas?  Let’s let them know what we think by raising our voices and voting the issues at the polls.


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