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Eliminate Violence Against Women

I read an article last week called “Domestic Violence: The Awareness We Overlook”, written by Jeff Landers.  In the article he talks about how during the month of October it was nearly impossible not to notice it was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we saw pink everywhere in support of this disease.  But no one seemed to realize it was Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  We know the devastation to women that are caused by breast cancer.   I am not discounting this but we also need to think about the major devastation domestic violence also has on the lives of women.

With the death of Kasandra Perkins who was shot by her boyfriend, NFL player Jovan Belcher making headlines last week – not once was this called an act of domestic violence.  Why is domestic violence, a subject that no one wants to talk about?  Did you know that every eighteen months we lose the same number of women to domestic violence as we did to the attack on 9/11?  I discovered that South Carolina is #2 in the United States of husbands (men) who killed their wives (woman).  The South Carolina Attorney General identified domestic violence as South Carolina’s #1 problem.

Whatever state you live in find an organization you can support to help victims of domestic violence. We should work just as hard to eliminate domestic violence as we do any other disease that is a killer of women.   For my readers in Greenville South Carolina, a great organization that I support is Safe Harbor.  You can send your donations to:

Safe Harbor

PO Box 174

Greenville, South Carolina 29602-0174

Or donate on the website –

Remember violence against women is a serious public health problem.  Unlike other disease that affect women a cure does not lie in medicine but raising awareness and lifting the social stigma of domestic violence felt by survivors.  We have to come together as women and work towards a cure of this very serious problem.