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Are We Spending Our Time Being Bitter Women Instead of Making Women’s Lives Better?

It seems today I hear so many women being disagreeable, angry with themselves and with other women. Women are constantly saying cruel and sarcastic remarks about one another. We see other women struggling in one area or another and just become judgmental and critical of their situation without even offering to help. We spend so much time tearing each other down and not building each other up. So much wasted time and energy on negative things instead of doing something positive to help the situations of all women. Mainly now, that the children are going back to school. There are single mother’s struggling to get clothes, school supplies, food for breakfast and lunches daily. Even single mothers who have children going to college for the first time are struggling even though their children have some form of scholarships.
I always had more of a heart for the working single mother because of her salary (which may be barely enough to make ends meet) is denied a lot of benefits for herself and her children. The women who have no income are more likely to be eligible for these benefits which leave the working single mother in the cold. I think we as women need to find a way to help one another. We just can’t rely on the system, which is run by men to give us the help we need. The government seems to want to blame women and make us the face of child poverty and neglect. They are not looking at the facts, if the father of these children were being responsible parents, there would be no need for the programs that these women so desperately need.
I know some may say, “Why are these single women having children and they can’t afford them?” But the reality of the situation is that some these women are in this situation because of divorce and deadbeat dads. Men that have just walked away from their responsibilities as fathers. But no matter the situation, children don’t ask to come here. As a mother myself I can’t just stand by and do nothing or just become angered by the situation. Last week I gave a $100.00 Walmart gift card each to two single mothers. One with two children (grade school) and one with two children (college freshman and middle school). It is not a lot but every little bit helps when you are struggling. In the words of Mother Teresa, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
So I ask this question, as women why are we spending our time being bitter and not spending our time making the lives of women better?