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Who Are You Reflecting to the World?

I went to an event at the YWCA of Greenville yesterday called “The Secrets of “Powerful” Personal Branding for Women”.  There were four women speakers at the event, Taryn Scher (owner of TK Public Relations and Event Planning), Leslie Duncan (Event Planner and Marketer), Vanessa Underhill (owner of the Green Elephant marketing company) and Becky McCrary, CSP (certified speaking professional, trainer and author).  These women spoke about branding businesses but more importantly, personal branding.

Tayrn Scher spoke about keeping up your appearance at all times.  She noted by doing this you are protecting your personal brand.  Leslie Duncan talked about staying true to yourself and censoring what you put out on social media sites.  She stated you must ask yourself, who am I trying to portray?  Vanessa Underhill spoke more along the lines of marketing your business but noted that when marketing your business you are also marketing yourself.

The last speaker was Becky McCrary; she spoke about networking and gaining as much as you can from the people you meet.  She said when a meeting person you admire and want to emulate the best thing to do is ask great questions.  To get the most out of your meeting, always ask questions incorporating who, what, when, where and why.  Never ask “what do you do”?  She said you will most likely get the HR definition of their job and not gain much information about the actual tasks that they do.

So remember, In Control Women know who they are and make sure you are always portraying your best to the world.  Make sure you always stay true to yourself and let the statement you make always be something you can fulfill.  Who are you reflecting to the world?


Support Business Women and Moms

I recently read an article on NYTimes.com called “Proud to Be a ‘Mompreneur'”, by Jill Salzman. In the article it spoke about how she was a mother and ran a business called ‘The Founding Moms’ which is the first and only kid-friendly meeting for momprenuers. She also coined the phrase herself, but it seems others don’t exactly embrace this term. It shocked me to to find out that even other women business owners felt this word was derogatory and demeaning. A writer named Lindsay Cross of the Grindstone wrote a blog post called “I Hate Mompreneurs But I Support Women in Business”. She felt when the word “mompreneur” was used to describe a business owner, it told everyone that women have other priorities.
The author of the article noted that in the age of the internet when people constantly reveal their habits and what they do, why must a mom keep her kids a secret? She also noted when she was asked to speak at business associations,conferences or conventions she is told not to bring up the ‘mom’ aspect of what she does. It is amazing that this women has 2,500 members in Founding Moms in over 30 countries around the world and she still can’t be taken seriously because she works with moms. What do you think? Why do you think other business women feel this way?