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Why Does Feminism Have to Be a Dirty Word?

The third article I read in The New York Times was by LaShaun Williams, a columnist and blogger who writes about parenting and culture.  The name of her article is “Good Riddance to Feminism!”  In her article she spoke to women being unable to be powerful professional women and good mothers too.  She believes women cannot have both and that is why working mothers have feelings of guilt and inadequacy.  She also believes the “feminism movement” is responsible for encouraging women to follow their dreams, devalue marriage and family, causing them to choose self-indulgence.  She also stated she didn’t think all working mothers were bad mothers but the feminist climate pressures women to work.  LaShaun stated, “the damage that attachment parenting is doing to feminism is a good thing.  “Her stand is that when we as women bring children into the world we should sacrifice parts of ourselves”.  She also feels parts of feminism deserve to be re-examined because it has marred some of what it means to be a woman.  She says she is not saying attachment parenting is the best method or demonizing working moms, but she just wants to highlight its support of being a strong presence in a child’s life.  Do you think working moms have forgotten that family comes first?  Do you think that being a working mom is about a career or monetary necessity?


Blog Series: Motherhood Vs Feminism

Before Time Magazine came out with their controversial cover regarding breastfeeding a three year old child, I read an article in online version of The New York Times on this very topic of breastfeeding.  The April 30th article consisted of the perspective of five different women, they are Mayim Bialik (actress and author), Heather McDonald (comedian, producer and writer), LaShaun Williams (columnist and blogger), Annie Urban (blogger) and Maria Blois (author).  I will be writing a blog series based on the opinions and real life stands of these women.  This dialogue began in response to the book, “The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women” by Elisabeth Badinter.  Based on this book, the Time Magazine article and the opinions of these women we can bring debate and dialogue on this topic.  My first post will be “Attachment Parenting – What is it?” the next “Working Mom and Still Attached”, followed by “Why Does Feminism Have to be a Dirty Word?”, then “Parenting vs. Mothering” and finally “Realistic Parenting”.  I am hoping we can take a good look at this topic and generate some helpful comments.  If you have read the Time Magazine article, The New York Times articles or just an opinion – let me know what you think.