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Working Mom and Still Attached

The second article I read in The New York Times was by Heather McDonald, a stand-up comedian, a series regular on “After Lately”, a writer and producer for “Chelsea Lately” and   author of “You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again”.  The name of her article is “Working Moms Are Right to Be Realistic”.  In her article she talks about attachment parenting and working mothers.  Heather started by admitting that she never breastfed either of her two sons and two months after her oldest son was born she had an opportunity to work on a film.  She felt she would have turned them down if she had been breastfeeding.  She also said the bonus of using formula was that her husband did every 5 a.m. feeding for both boys.  I like her statement, “being a mother is part of who you are, but should not be all of who you are”.  She stated there is no parenting secret that ensures that your child will grow up and be a successful adult.  In the article she also made this amazing statement, “No, I did not breastfeed, make organic baby food or co-sleep with my children.  I instead slept with their father and am still happily married to him today.  Plus, believe it or not, neither of my formula-fed sons have ever had a fever, an earache or even been on antibiotics”.  She also mentioned her oldest son is the tallest on his baseball team and when asked by the other team’s mom what she was feeding him, she proudly said: “Cow’s milk and animal meat bought from a regular grocery store”.  What do you think, can you be a working mom and attached?  Would you give up breastfeeding your baby to see your spouse bottle feed and create a bond with his baby?


Blog Series: Motherhood Vs Feminism

Before Time Magazine came out with their controversial cover regarding breastfeeding a three year old child, I read an article in online version of The New York Times on this very topic of breastfeeding.  The April 30th article consisted of the perspective of five different women, they are Mayim Bialik (actress and author), Heather McDonald (comedian, producer and writer), LaShaun Williams (columnist and blogger), Annie Urban (blogger) and Maria Blois (author).  I will be writing a blog series based on the opinions and real life stands of these women.  This dialogue began in response to the book, “The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women” by Elisabeth Badinter.  Based on this book, the Time Magazine article and the opinions of these women we can bring debate and dialogue on this topic.  My first post will be “Attachment Parenting – What is it?” the next “Working Mom and Still Attached”, followed by “Why Does Feminism Have to be a Dirty Word?”, then “Parenting vs. Mothering” and finally “Realistic Parenting”.  I am hoping we can take a good look at this topic and generate some helpful comments.  If you have read the Time Magazine article, The New York Times articles or just an opinion – let me know what you think.