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Working Moms: In and Out of the Home

So much hoopla was made about the remarks by Hilary Rosen when she said Mrs. Romney had “never worked a day in her life”. Everybody began to chime in saying there is “no tougher job than being a mom”, I truly believe that being a mother myself. But I don’t think Hilary Rosen was trying to say that being a mother was not a tough job. I think what she was saying is that Mrs. Romney had a choice, options. Every woman does not have the option to stay home and take care of their children full time. Notice I used the word option, let’s check the definition; first one is the ability to choose and the second one means alternative. Ms. Rosen was talking about the single mothers and wives in households that need a dual income. She was speaking to Mrs. Romney’s lack of ability to relate to the financial struggles of mothers that have to work outside of the home full time.
Every woman is not as fortunate as Mrs. Romney and don’t have the choice to have a career as a stay at home mom. How can she really identify with women who have to work? Women who work outside of the home have it doubly hard, they do everything Mrs. Romney did in the home plus worked a full time job outside the home. What is your opinion on this issue?


Losing Options / Losing Freedoms

As I look at modern day government, I see that women are not a part of the process. Recently a movement has been on the rise, the movement to do away with women’s healthcare options. This is all being done by a male majority, Republican-controlled legislature. Women’s rights and options are being eliminated under the guise of programs that provide “government funded” abortions. Wayne Christian, a Republican state representative said, “I don’t think anybody is against providing healthcare for women. What we’re opposed to are abortions.”
But along with eliminating programs that offer abortions you are also eliminating programs which provide birth control, mammograms and gynecological examinations for women who cannot otherwise afford these services. We cannot let the over one hundred and fifty years of accomplishments of the Women’s Rights Movement be in vain. First it will be options, next freedoms. Ladies, don’t you think it is time we embrace the same independence men have had for years?