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Real Parenting

In the fifth and final article I read in The New York Times was by Maria Blois the author of the book “Babywearing: The Benefits and Beauty of This Ancient Tradition”.  The name of her article is called “Let’s Not Pass Judgment”.  In her article she talks about writing her book after she had two children.  People often asked her when she is going to write another book but she feels less qualified then she was then.  When she was having her children she embraced the principles of attachment parenting and experienced its joys. Then her fifth child was critically ill.  She parented all her children the same way, but this child was miserable.  He cried constantly, lost weight, refused to be held and refused to nurse.  Eventually after four months he got better but she realized she could not be the mother she wanted for him and asked herself was she way more obsessed with being a “perfect mother” instead of the mother he needed?

Was she using attachment parenting to grade herself instead of a tool to be present for her children?  She came to the conclusion that attachment parenting is an ideology we can use in the context of our own lives and priorities and not a tool to be misused and welded as a weapon of judgment.  Should we as mothers define our own definition of attachment parenting according to our children’s needs?