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‘Spinster’ Stigma: Alive and Well in 2012

I recently read an article on the MSNBC website titled “Single women still feel ‘spinster’ stigma”. The article noted that even though more and more women are staying single or waiting longer to get married, a survey showed stigma against ‘Spinster’ is still the same. The researchers interviewed 32 middle class never before married women over 30 and found they felt as if their status made them both visible and invisible.
The article went on to say that the visibility came from exposure and the invisibility came from the assumptions of others. Most of them felt the need to explain or justify being single. The most surprising thing I found was that these women felt insecure and displaced in their families when parents and siblings remark about their singleness and made jokes or rude comments.
It is so sad to see that not only does society put this kind of pressure on women but we as women ostracize and ridicule one another for being unmarried. When did women become defined or made relevant only when they are married? Why do we have a negative connotation attached to being a single woman but not when men are single? What do you think?